Let the Work Flow with CHRONOS WORKFLOW

Increase productivity with automating paper-based processes in a self-service way by Chronos Workflow. This platform can manage and file all your digital documents while such content is always available for your processes. Use real-time reports for operational improvements and measurable ROI.

Visually Design Process in Any Complexity

Built-in Graphic Process Designer helps you create and modify any process map seamlessly.
  • Design any number of process steps, routings for your workflow. 
  • Draw subprocesses and easily connect into existing process.
  • Use complex flow structures built upon split, join, loop and wait-for-construct. 
  • Modify the flow chart anytime, as you wish. 
  • Import from MS Visio and even ARIS.

Your To Do list

Faster task response with jobs delivered to your web To Do list.
  • View all tasks and jobs in a list or group view
  • Deadline can be shown for each task
  • Highlight urgent and priority tasks
  • Show unique info in any task and job name
  • Use escalation and task expiry notification emails for one or every process steps

Your eForms, Your Unique Content

Seamlessly complete any task on the eForm that belongs to a process step you have work to do on. The easy-to-use administrator interface makes possible to change the form content, field and section layouts, size and also colors in minutes. You can customize forms and use unique field types for every business need.

  • Unique field types for more efficient form completion and data visualization.
  • Picture/QR/barcode upload or even scanning directly from mobiles or handheld devices.
  • Choose field visibility  for each process steps.
  • Modify eForm layouts, field texts, hints and even background colors.

Define Step Owners

Easily set who owns and is responsible for each job activity.
  • Build your own organizational structure with departments and users in any complexity. Set up roles easily or import your Active Directory into CWP.
  • Use the conventional person/role/department/department manager picker and many more options.
  • Use Google Authentication for login.

Tailor Step Transitions and Conditions

Changes in your business process correlates with changes in dependencies. Easily define routing conditions by using the click & choose method.
  • CWP automatically recognizes default routes based on your designed or imported flowchart.
  • Select decisions or data that determine when and where your process is heading to.
  • Set rules to skip a specific process step.
  • Auto-start subprocess.
  • Auto-finish task to move workflow into its next step or set to simply finish the whole job based on a data or event happening.

Interfaces as Connectors

Wide set of connectors enabling integration with different line of business applications, databases.
Also, there are other -more technical- options to connect 3rd-party applications and databases to your workflow.
  • Database query as process field type. SQL queries and data can be shown in tabular way.
  • Easily run Batch programs that run during the process step transition enabling full workflow automation.
  • Web-Services (SOA).

Escalation and E-mail Notifications

 With CWP use the powerful email notification settings to let your workflow to run seamlessly.
  • Notifications based on specific happenings (step transition, task due date expiry).
  • Use your unique email templates for escalation emails.
  • Day-end escalation emails lists all the overdue job tasks.
  • Define deadlines or SLAs for any process steps. 
  • Set process step time-intervalls.

Reports and Audit Trail

You are at the right place to track any of your workflow data for further analysis and process or staff performance improvement. In CWP, the powerful and built-in report and ad-hoc reporting generator makes it possible.
  • Performance and statistical reports from any process data and information.
  • Calculated fields report.
  • Scheduled reports.
  • Export reports to Excel and share with colleagues.
  • Historical reports possible due to saving and tracking the changes-per-record way.
  • Graphical Process History feature.
  • Audit Trail: Every process step parameter is stored, everything can be checked, retrieved or restored.

WordMerge, e-Signature, Holiday Calendar

With CWP, it is possible to pull in any process form data into predefined document templates, such as preformatted business forms, contract drafts, mortgage contracts, hiring forms, you name it. CWP WordMerge function serves this business need and purpose.

  • Use e-Signature for a document the workflow uses.
  • Set the country specific working days and bank holidays - system managed corporate calendar.

Let the Work Flow With Chronos Workflow

Document Management 

Chronos Workflow Document Management tool supports the contribution, structuring and distribution of enterprise content in a controlled and secured environment. This tool extends the unique features of Chronos Workflow Platform usage. With it you can:
  • Seamlessly create process and document hierarchy (in any arbitrary depth), file folders / subfolders and besides the basic document management functions use the check-in/out function, version history / audit history capabilities. 
  • Document filing and records management abilities.
  • Build dynamic document filing based on metadata enabling a document-driven enterprise operation on demand as well. As process users can even create and store meta datas within a document during a process step those data can be easily chosen. 
  • Use the word-merge emailing function based on any process data.

  • Digital signature function.
  • Security and access rights rules can be defined as on site/folder/ file-level.
  • Easily integrate existing enterprise data and information (i.e. ERP, SAP, email) choosing one of the 3 connection methods including the SOA-based web services.

The document-driven process automation is fully possible. Automate your business specific document flows to increase productivity and reduce time to process and change documents. 

Chronos Workflow Platform helps to adapt your document management requirements and build a document-driven process automation along with the conventional control-flow based workflows on this one platform.