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 ✓ This popular and self-service workflow system is available on a one-time campaign until Aug/31/2017.
  You receive the latest Chronos Workflow Platform system user licence version either on cloud or self-hosted version. 
 ✓ Licence includes unlimited number of users and processes.
Subscription fees*
 ✓ System access on a discounted $229.00 / 60,000 HUF subscription fee.* 
 ✓ You can sign a system support and helpdesk on additional $229.00 fee, including 6 hrs services / month.
 ✓ You can choose our business and process optimization consulting service on discounted $229.00 monthly fee (incl. 4 hrs)
 ✓ You may pay your subscription fee(s) by wire transfer or credit card. How sweet is this!



Introducing Chronos Workflow Platform (CWP) 

Chronos Systems has developed this powerful and highly user-friendly workflow system with you can automate and manage any of your business processes regardless of complexity in a self-service way. Non-technical users can design and manage the processes with the built-in graphic process designer with a drag&drop method and define the whole process, its steps, routings, fields, users and notification without coding or programmer help.

As for Chronos Workflow Platform - CWP the entire life and all development principles have been influenced by the intent to produce and continuously improve a software solution that is able to render diverse functions for enterprise users in a way as easy as possible. The biggest advantage of the system usage is that the process managers and selected users have been able to create, modify, manage and automate processes without any IT programming/development help or resources. Get this experience and improve your productivity with faster process cycle-times! PLUS what's even better is that your organization team members can easily collaborate better by reaching, adding, editing, saving and filing any documents/pictures/codes/QRs by the built-in document management tool. Sophisticated email notifications can be set up before any set deadlines as well. WHAT makes the system more useful is that your company may import any processes into so you do not need to set up a similar but slightly changed processes by scratch. If you already have an existing process you would like to change than just choose&copy it with all its existing settings, forms and users for making changes in the copied process version. You may create any database connections easily and we also suggest you to set up SAP or any 3rd party system connections to exchange data for an even more smoother process runs and to increase productivity for your business.


  • Self-service, off-the-shelf software solution
  • Cloud or Self-hosted versions
  • Built-in visual designer (Drag & Drop) 
  • Process Form based (Click & Add any fields)
  • Document management, Office integration, Word-merge, Document workflows
  • Email notifications, escalations
  • Full audit trail, records and graphic process history
  • Statistical, performance or ad-hoc reports
  • 3rd party connections with web service (e.g. SAP, ERPs)
  • Export or Import processes (from MS Visio, Aris), and many more.

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Common questions: 

Q1 – Can we set up, manage and automate processes without using IT resources or coding?
Yes, the system is designed to let you set up processes in a self-service way without the need of IT involvement or coding/programmer resources. This allows you to dramatically reduce a process implementation cycle-time by 60-80% compared to any custom developments or workflow system customization.
Q2 - Are there any sample processes available in the system we may start to use right away or with slight changes?
Such processes are available upon request - see examples below - but in general the selected ones may need some modifications by your key-users according to your business process policies or standards. However, such modifications can be easily done by a process owner or by the authorized admin users.
  • Contract Approvals process,
  • Purchase order requests process,
  • Issue resolution process,
  • Support ticketing process,
  • Employee hiring,
  • New payroll  / staffing request
  • and other industry/sector specific processes. Pls contact us for further details and live demo.
Q3  – Can we use our corporate brand style for the system layout design (e.g. adding our logo and slogan too)?
Yes. The system allows you to change the header and the color/font theme according to your corporate branding.
Q4 – Can we design and run a process with several parallel or sub-processes within the system?
Yes, the graphic process designer allows you to set up any number of processes in any complexity including its parallel and subprocesses. The system features also allow to trigger a start of a subprocess by any reference data/user, etc. as well.
Q5 - How much is the average process setup time for a simple (2-10 steps) or even more complex (11-70+ steps) processes.
Simple processes can be setup in a matter of hours or max 1-2 days if the process map and the field names and types for each steps. Your business active user directory may be also imported into system. Complex / more structured processes can be set up up to 3-7 days by an administrator user/manager without coding. However, our workflow consultants are also available to support your organization to make this transition even faster.
Q6 - Can we import an already existing process map from another system? Which technical method you recommend to follow to make a process implementation faster? 
First of all, any process can be imported from MS Visio or ARIS, but we recommend to set up the process design with the drag&drop graphic process designer. Secondly, if you already set up or have one process in the system than you can simply copy it with ALL its settings (steps, forms, fields, users, you name it). Within the copied process you can make any changes to get the desired process to run for your business operation or to your partners.


We also proudly offer custom software development services.

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* The information given above is not an entire and final quote, subject to variations depending on the region, project or RFP and may change without written notice. The fees with '$' sign means the US Dollars currency.
** This Campaign expires on Aug/31/2017 11:59pm (UTC) without further notice. 


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